woning - van klaveren

Julia Woning- van Klaveren

Born in Rotterdam, Holland.

1990-1994 Academy Beeldende Kunsten (now called: Willem de Kooning Academy) in Rotterdam;

specialised graduation subject: Illustrations.

I work as a freelance illustrator, portrait artist and all round artist. Originally I worked for the Agency Top Drawers in Amsterdam.I did illustration work for companies such as Esso, Shell, Employment Agency Start, Safari, Rabobank, Admiralis, and FNV members etc. Next to that I also did visuals and inktor/painter (colouring in of animation cells).Nowadays I work as a self employed artist for customers. However, since the births of my children, I also started to create my own art works.

I created a new series called ‘Big Girls’. Happy women figures busy in everyday situations. I am always searching. Searching for happiness, atmosphere, relationships, shapes, structures and colour combinations for in my work. I hope that a wide public will be able to see my work, get good vibes from it and as a result feel happy, especially feel happy through my creations!

Often people ask me what I enjoy most: painting or illustrating. It is mostly the freedom of choice, the changeability that inspires and motivates me to start something new. I draw my inspiration from everywhere: at breakfast time with my children, during doing some ironing or whilst having a cup of tea the funniest ideas crop up. Suddenly I can visualise how to start or finish a piece of art. To know how and when to finish with a piece is the most difficult part. After applying the varnish I enjoy people’s responses and can’t wait to start a new piece.

Painting gives me inner peace, warmth and happiness. The fact that others can enjoy my work and become happy as a result of that gives me great pleasure: as illustrator, all round artist and tutor of creative workshops.

For more information please email: dikkedames@juliawoning.com


1995 t/m 2006 Started at Van Beek Art Supplies in Rotterdam a class for painting and drawing.

1997 Academie Beeldende Kunsten Rotterdam: saterday teacher for Illustrationclass.

1998 t/m 1999 Stichting het Polderhuis te Bergschenhoek drawing and Painting class for adults and kids.

2003 Workshop 6x CKV docent Lodewijk Rogier College Noordsingel te Rotterdam VMBO.

2005 specialisedteacher illustrations at the ABK Willem de Kooning te Rotterdam (Fine Arts Academy)

2007 t/m heden Started my one Artschool for adults and kids.


1996 Rotterdamse advertising price voor abri campagne. Hogeschool Rotterdam en omstreken.


1994 t/m heden Many illustrations for severall companies

1994 t/m 1997 Visuals/illustrations for Rabobank by RotoSmeets

1996 Illustrations voor campagne Hogeschool Rotterdam &Omstreken

1996 Illustrations postcards Heinz (boomerang)

1997 Illustrations Start Uitzendbureau jaar boek

1998 Illustrations FNV Bondgenoten yearbook

1999 Illustrations Shell Holland

2000 designed Safari glases

2002 illustrations Rabobank brochure euro

1999 t/m 2002 Illustrations for a magazine: Bruid&Bruidegom magazine Europees

2003 Logo illustrations for European Zoo Nutrition Centre. EAZA office/Artis Zoo for diergaarde Blijdorp.

2003 Calender illustrations Esso.

2004 Mural Stichting Peuterspeelzaal Okidoki te Bergschenhoek.

2005 Mural Grando keukens Alexandrium Capelle.

2006 Illustrations for banketbakkerijketen via buro kop en schouders.

2006 Illustrations for book Op mijn plaat(s) door Jan Willem Jansen.

2006 Illustrations/visuals interieur for bulding project voor P.G.Hermes Management en Projectontwikkeling B.V. te Berkel en Rodenrijs.

2006-2008 Christmas postcards P.G.Hermes Management en Projectontwikkeling B.V. te Berkel en Rodenrijs.

Paintings: Sold to Holland, Spain, V.S., Belgum and Germany

Paintings: Sold to different companies: Ruiter Seeds te Bergschenhoek, Gemeente Ridderkerk, Grando keukens Alexandrium,

CCC-zorg te Den Haag, Familiehuis te Rotterdam, Stephar te Krimpen aan de IJssel, Interpharm te Den Bosch etc.